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Over a year ago, James Nash saw Nitro Coffee being served in the USA. After tasting this new Nitrogen infused Cold Brew Coffee (called Nitro Coffee), James  knew this would be a great product to bring to the UK. At this time, Cold Brew Coffee was outselling regular hot coffee in the USA, with Nitro Coffee being the best selling type of cold brew.

The UK coffee market is worth £3.4 billion and is expected to grow year on year so the opportunity to bring Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee to the UK market made good business sense.

James was already working with a Contract Packer who could handle the production of the Cold Brew Coffee  and after a few strategic meetings, decided to form Coffee Nitro Ltd to become the main manufacturer of the Cold Brew coffee in the UK. Cold brew is the base for Nitro Coffee.

Coffee Nitro set up a production plant that could deliver the most consistent cold brew coffee in commercial quantities to cater for large national chains and independent coffee shops.

The company has been growing steadily attracting attention from Europe and Africa.




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