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The NitroFusion Coffee Dispenser

for Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee

Pre-Launch Offer

Pre-Order yours today – and you’ll receive everything to get you started with Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee. You can be dispensing within 20 minutes.

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(RRP £2195.00 +VAT.  Launching 15 January 2019 )

Pay Nothing until 20 March 2019. 

Whats Included in he Promotional StarterPack:

1x Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee NitroFusion Coffee Dispenser
2x 10Litre Bag in Box, ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee
1x Pure Food Grade Nitrogen in Micro Canister (12″) serving up to 130 litres
1x Nitro Coffee Cleaning Kit

Pre-Launch Offer –  order your NitroFusion Coffee Dispenser today for  just £1750.00

NitroFusion Coffee Dispenser StarterPack Promotional Price is available strictly on 1st come 1st serve basis. Promotional Price will be honoured for all clients pre-ordering,

Is this the Best Nitro Coffee Machine, ever?

We have reviewed and evaluated many Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee Dispense Systems – from Keg based systems to complex heavy duty (and large) commercial dispense systems. 

From our client’s perspective – most of these units are not practical because of their size and usability in a commercial environment. 

Keg Based systems are large and difficult to use. Kegs are heavy so handling isn’t easy.

Units that extract nitrogen from the air are an option but they are very expensive.


Our Recommended Solution – The NitroFusion Coffee Dispenser 

 A good Nitro Coffee unit should dispense the coffee at 2°C – 5°C with a fast dispense and be easy to use, handle and maintain. Ideally the unit should be small enough to fit in with other  coffee shop equipment. 

The NitroFusion Dispenser incorporates the BubbleBox – a patented technology that dispenses the richest nitrogen infusion that we’ve ever seen and its small size makes it perfect for everyone serving cold brew or Nitro Coffee but check it for yourself.

  • True Plug and Play – System is ready to serve within 20 minutes.
  • Works directly with bag in box – keg is simply not required.
  • Small Form Factor – the unit will sit neatly on your Counter Top.
  • Stainless Steel outer means it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Produces the tiniest bubbles we have ever seen with a rich crema.
  • Fast Dispense (about 10 seconds per 200ml)
  • Nitro Gas Bottle that is only 12″ high and serves up to 130 litres of Nitro Coffee.
  • Fine control on gas infusion.
  • The Chiller unit maintains a steady 3°C.
  • Low running cost.
  • Easy to change consumable items (Gas / Bag in Box Coffee).
  • Change gas Canister in 1 minute – and no heavy lifting.
  • Change Product (Bag in Box) in 1 minute.


The all important Taste Test..!

Cold Brew Coffee from this machine is extra velvety and the sweeter taste produced with the infusion of nitrogen is more discernible.  

The Verdict: This machine served the best nitro coffee we’ve ever tasted. It’s small and the gas canister is brilliant as it’s so small. The consumables (coffee and gas) can be stored 1 to 2m away from the main unit making it very convenient. 

 Technical Specification


Shelf Life: 12 months
Package: 10litre Bag in Box, with VITOP connector.
Made in UK

Nutritional Information, Typical values per 100ml
  Energy 24kJ/6kCal
  Fat: 0g, of which Saturates: 0g
  Carbohydrates: 0g, of which Sugars: 0g
  Protein: 0g
  Salt: 0g

1 Bag in Box contains 50 x 200ml servings, RRP £3.00 per serving.


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