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What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee is created by infusing our Filtered Cold Brew with nitrogen.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro Coffee is created by infusing our Filtered Cold Brew with nitrogen.

The process introduces tiny bubbles of food grade nitrogen to our filtered Cold Brew that cascade and settle leaving a delicious (almost creamy) and refreshing drink with a natural sweetness that will surely become the favoured drink for summer.

Nitro Coffee is made using our filtered cold brew coffee which we produce using the purest, reverse osmosis water so that our products are stable andĀ consistent in commercial quantities. We cold brew for freshness and stability and achieve a 12 months shelf life of bag-in-box cold brew coffee.


How does it taste?

Nitro Coffee is a sweet, velvety and extra smooth coffee drink even when served black. It is brewed cold and is served cold.


Order a sample today.

You can check the quality and taste of our cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee by ordering a 10 litre Bag in Box Sample.

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Ease of handling

Our product is supplied in a Bag-in-Box. For your staff, this means ease of use and minimal training for use and maintenance.

The Smartest solution for Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee

Our product is uniquely suited to any coffee businesses requiring a consistent tasting product supplied in commercial quantities.

Using our Cold Brew Dispense Equipment you can have both Cold Brew and Nitro on Tap, dispensing straight cold brew from the tap, with or without nitrogen and using the same bag in box cold brew at the back end.

Our Nitro System does not requires a keg. We supply our cold brew products in a bag-in-box format for ease of transport and handling whilst maintaining hygiene standards.

NO Site Installation

The equipment is end-user installable and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Products

12 months Shelf Life

All of our bag in box cold brew coffee products carry a 12 month shelf life.

Eco Roast

Our coffee is produced by eco-friendly processes friendly to the environment.

Fresh and Stable

All of our cold brew coffee is produced using reverse osmosis water for stability and freshness.

Consistent Taste

With our bag-in-box coffee, you can be assured of a consistent taste even in large commercial quantities.

Commercial Production

Coffee Nitro Ltd is the leader in commercial production for Cold Brew Coffee. Using our unique Nitro infusion system, our nitro coffee is consistent, rich in flavour and extra smooth.

Our current production capacity is 45000 litres per day of consistent tasting coffee that we can deliver in Bag in Box. We can also cold brew to your own specification, including brew times and even the coffee blend can be created by specialist blenders to fit your own unique specification and branding. Using Bag in Box for distribution means that wherever you operate, your customers will always get the taste they are accustomed to from your brand. More information.

Our cold brew can be served as straight cold brew or as Nitro Coffee when nitrogen is infused.

We take environmental issues very seriously so decisions about production were as important as the end product. Our unique blend of beans is roasted by an eco friendly system that uses coffee grounds waste as fuel to power roasting plant. That means no coffee grounds waste goes to land-fill and greener, friendlier use of coffee waste.

Eco Roast delivers a positive impact on our environment using closed loop technology and a passion for great coffee for a more sustainable futureā€ Spent coffee grounds are an abundant, energy rich resource that should not end up in our landfills. Eco Roast technology enables us to harness this valuable energy and use it to roast fresh batches of beautiful coffees for everyone to enjoy. This ZERO WASTE solution enables you to enjoy the great taste of freshly roasted coffee, comfortable in the knowledge that waste has not been produced, but actually reduced. An environmentally friendly solution to help reduce waste and carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

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